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Leave Travel Concession - Rules/Guidelines

Government have introduced Leave Travel Concession to State Government Employees.For details view

Government have issued  Rules/guidelines in respect of the LTC sanctioned to the State Government Employees and Teachers.For details view

Main Points to remember
•    These rules shall apply to the persons appointed to State Government service, Staff of Aided Schools and Colleges, Full Time contingent employees, and employees of Local bodies.
•    Family includes employees wife/husband, their surviving unmarried children/step children or legally adopted children wholly dependent upon the employee.
•    Fare calculated on the shortest route.
•    Employee must be completed 15 years of regular continuous service
•    Admissible to maximum period of 15 days including holidays.
•    The period of absence on account of availing Leave Travel Concession shall be regularised by granting earned leave, half pay leave, commuted leave or leave without allowance under Rule 88, Part l, KSRs.
•    Originals of the train tickets/ bus tickets/ air tickets etc should be produced with the claims.
•    Maximum distance ( to and fro 6500 kms)
•    Place of visit to be declared in advance before his controlling authority.
•    100% of Actual expenses of air/rail/road/steamer will be reimbursed. But incidental expenses and DA for halt as admissible on Tour T.A., will not be granted.
•    Advance will be granted upto 90% of estimated fare.
•    Final bill be preferred within 1 month of the completion of journey.
•    When both husband and wife are employed in State Government service, LTC claim should be preferred by any one of them only.
•    The controlling officers are authorised to sanction LTC


jeffrey rozario said...

I am not sure whether anyone could perform the LTC aided journey for more than one destination total of which does not exceed the maximum 6500 kms.
Jeffrey Rozario, Alappuzha.

Anonymous said...

how to apply? how can the advance be drawn?what about the application form?whether any prescribed form?

Nazar said...

Only T.A is being granted. Its not fair denying accommodation charges and food expenses.

Administrator said...

The detailed procedures will be in the GO. You can download LTC Application forms from "FORMS" TAB

Anonymous said...

what about the officials retiring in April end and May end..will they also benefit from this order

Anonymous said...

LTC regularized by granting EL/HPL/CML/LWA under rule 88 KSR is thenditharam. It should be regularize either leave like paternity Leave or similar.

anjali said...

what is the class of journey to be reimbursed

Anonymous said...

i wish to travel by tourist bus in kerala,tamilnadu and karnataka for one week,how can i get the TA and how can I applied for that.Can I submitt the bus ticket from the tourist bus owner in advance.

Anonymous said...

please give the reply

NAVEEN T M said...

To whom we should submit the LTC application form?

Anonymous said...

are all eligible for getting air ticket ????? or according to salary ?????

Anonymous said...

Can we avail combined journey by air,rail & road ?

Anonymous said...

can we avail own expense to travel to other places after reaching the target place?

Anonymous said...

Same question..!

jitendra gupta said...

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DHANYA M C said...

(1)Is the flight charge is allowed for LTC IN KERALA GOVT.EMPLOYEES.